Florida's Forgotten Heritage

Florida’s Forgotten Heritage

Florida is still largely an agricultural state. If you ever look at a population map, the majority of people reside on the coastal edges. That’s because the interior is filled with cattle ranches and row crops..

I live 45 minutes away from the largest cow-calf operation in the country, Deseret Ranches. This photo was taken at an area used by Duda Ranches, another very large outfit.

This lifestyle is quickly disappearing around here. Not because of production costs or net profits… but because land developers offer these Ranching families more money for their property than they could hope to make in a lifetime of ranching. It’s an offer hard to resist.

This conversion of ranchland to housing has caused more of an ecological problem than one might think. Many of our listed species use ranches as a last holdout, and as these large ranches go, so go the animals that inhabit them.

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