Uno the caracara kid

Uno the caracara kid, originally uploaded by SavingFLorida.

Carlos and Turtles babies this year are named Uno and DosEqui… There is a rumor there is a third one somewhere which would in fact be named Tres..

However, I am doubtful of a third, since two (with a loss here and there) seems to be their running number over the last few years.

I’d like to remind some of my very-good-at-stalking friends to please give them their space. The more habituated these birds are to people the less their already slim chances of survival are. Young raptors are very naive, please don’t encourage them.
Northern caracara Caracara cheriway

For more information about Caracara

To read about their survival rates:

One thought on “Uno the caracara kid

  1. Yes Jamie Tres does exsist, I saw them all last week, at the south Caracara tree, 2 adults and 2 juveniles in the tree and 1 juvenile on the fence post in front of the tree.

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