Feral Cats…

Feral cats, a discussion more controversial in the veterinary world is hard to find. It’s right up there with ear cropping and tail docking; only this is a completely different problem. This feral cat business has been going on since the first white people came to the Americas. They’ve been running wild and free since 1500. So how now, do we mitigate their damage? To be fair, some people claim they do no damage. My personal observations, opinions, and research dictate that I argue this point. They do cause harm wherever they are found, to both animals, humans, and themselves.
I won’t go into much more detail on this subject (I could write pages) but I do suggest that any one seriously interested in more than just telling me that “feral cats need love too” should look over some of the following studies and research to form their own opinions.

The Feral Cat Coalition
Cats Indoors!
U.S. Faces Growing Feral Cat Problem – National Geographic
Biology and Ecology of Free Roaming, Stray, and Feral Cats – USFWS

and lastly, an interesting concept in feral cat population control… Contraceptives..
The Feral Cat Contraceptive Vaccine

As I mentioned before, this is a subject that I could espouse on forever. I’d probably really tick off a lot of people doing it too. Feral Cats are a problem. They are carnivorous, they do carry diseases, and it is not pretty when a colony gets wiped out by leukemia. That’s something I’ve seen over and over since I was a kid.

Do I think they should all be captured and euthanized? I’ll leave that open ended…
Do I think spay and neuter works? I’ll answer that resoundingly with a no.
Are cat colonies illegal in Brevard County Florida? YES, it’s probably the only illegal activity that is looked the other way at.
Do I know anyone who has gotten sick from exposure to feral cats? YES….
I’m quitting here.
::::Stepping off the soapbox now::::

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