The international bird of mystery

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There are few birds in the world that haven’t been studied enough to understand their behaviors, classify their lineage, or even document their life cycle. The Limpkin, Aramus guarauna, is one of those few.
They are primarily a Florida specialty, although they can be seen in the swamps and marshes of Louisiana and a few other southern states. They have been referred to as the “crying bird” because of their strange call. When they really get going, it is really something to hear. Their reproductive habits aren’t well documented, but juvenile birds look just like their parents, with a little more streaking. They eat solely snails. Because of this habit, where limpkins are found, snail kites are often also.
There are no real population estimates, they are secretive and tend to get back into the areas where no one dares go. They are losing habitat to development and hopefully will be able to adapt to human environments like retention areas and mitigation sites.

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