God Bless Turkey Vultures


Vultures. The word usually invokes scenes of gore and the grotesque, or at the minimum the thought of a predatory credit lender (which isn’t that different!) But really, vultures are an important and rather amazing part of nature. the amount of things that die daily are immesurable. But have you wondered where all these things dissapear to? We know things die, pieces are left, and yet you very rarely run across a caracass of anything. Thank the vultures, nature’s version of the undertaker. They alone eat the sun baked, stinking, rotting, smooshed, half eaten stuff that is left everywhere. Their bodies are immune to various bacteria that occur in these creatures, and they themselves are so toxic that by the end of their life, NOTHING can eat them.
In Florida, we have two types of vultures; black vultures, which are all black, and turkey vultures, which are like the one pictured here. There is a lot of surprising information about vultures I could tell you, but I think I’ll stop here. So, next time you grimace at the thought of the word vulture, remember, they do an important community service.

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One thought on “God Bless Turkey Vultures

  1. When I come back, it'll be as a vulture. What can be better than soaring on the air currents as they can, and finding dinner already prepared?? GG&E

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