Thank You.. Thank You..

It’s raining today (and yesterday), so I’ve got nothing new to share in my photos and I’m not feeling particularly typeative… !

I’d just like to take a minute to thank everyone from anywhere that visits here (flickr, smugmug, my email..) for your kind words and the fact hat you’ve recognized that I want to do something big.

I am a nature nut, I live eat, breathe, sleep, nature… I’d be happy to be stuck in a palmetto hammock for a day, or a cypress swamp for a night… maybe scared, but happy. I do love Florida’s natural side and I lament it’s loss but I revel in what’s left. I can’t get enough of learning what this is, what that is, why they are important, what they were used for by ancient people, what they are used for by today’s people.

I love to learn. Even more importantly I believe that everyone should share what they know, and I try to make a habit of it. Sometimes I feel like I’m annoying or aggravating others with my knowledge, but I would love for them to annoy or aggravate me with tiny tidbits of tantalizing information.
I love it all, and I love you all for appreciating me!

One thought on “Thank You.. Thank You..

  1. I can not agree more with your third paragraph! I, too, love nature and everything that is wild about Florida. The more I learn, the more I want to share with everybody else.
    Natural habitat is disappearing at an alarming rate in south Florida. While I concentrate on underwater photos and the health of the ocean, people like you make up the difference with beautiful photos of natural Florida.
    Keep up the good work!

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