Wasted Ammo, Wasted Lives

Today, me and my girls went looking for some tracks to plaster cast. We visit this one area in West Cocoa pretty often but found that the dirt roads had been freshly graded and there were no tracks to be found in mud or elsewhere. I took a trip off the dirt road and back onto the pavement to end at this other dirt road. We were greeted by a pair of beautiful Turkey Vultures feasting on dried up Haplosternum catfish. Looking past them we see these blobs at the end of the road.
Me, being used to this kind of stuff, warned my kids that this was probably some dismembered critter. I parked the truck, and rather trepidaciously got out to look. As it turns out, someone had shot three black vultures… Three toxic, inedible, non-harmful, black vultures. Oh how I wished they (the idiots who shot them) had ate them, because the terrible stomach pains and possible death would be worth the wasted ammo and wasted lives… Good bye my dear vultures. May you find heaven full of freshly roadkilled armadillo corpses. I know they’re your favorite.

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One thought on “Wasted Ammo, Wasted Lives

  1. How mean and sad. I know you felt really bad. We have to keep believing that they'll get their paybacks.

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