When does nature become Art?

Snake HDR, originally uploaded by SavingFLorida.

When does nature become art? Is it really always art anyways?

Since I love photography, and I love nature, I always combine the two into one art form. I think that there is a difference though when you start tinkering with your photos. Take this one for example. The original is kind of blah.. a black racer on a brown background with a splash of reddish leaves.. I modified it a little bit with a program called photomatix into an HDR wannabe and this is what I got. The colors are brilliant, the picture is beautiful.. but it’s really no longer my photo.. It’s my art.
Or is that true at all? Photography is an art form, so digital manipulation of photos is just an extension of that right?

Well, at any rate, since I can’t get out to photograph more nature right now, I’m tinkering with my older photos. This could be interesting. More to come.

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