The perils of night photography

Night photography, as I’ve found out recently, is not easy.

First of all,you can’t focus well on your subject without some kind of illumination, which, it turns out, means that you aren’t really doing night photography, since it looks like you are photographing in daylight.

For this last session, I targeted the frogs of my life. They sing at night after a lot rain and they lay eggs (called spawning) in my pool. Not surprisingly, this leads to tadpoles who also make use of the pool until I shock it with chlorine.

Among the dangers I have found are

  • falling in the pool (it’s dark remember)
  • getting rained on (it’s florida at night)
  • getting chewed on by mosquitos (florida, again)
  • getting the beejezuz scared out of me by the neighbor kid’s fireworks.

That’s it. You should try it sometime. 😉

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