Lessons from nature

One thing that people often overlook is what we learn from observing nature.

We don’t just learn the sights and sounds, the common and scientific; we learn that the bonds of friends and family and the rivalry of bullies and better than yous extends all the way into our roots. The natural world is full of lessons for all of us. Kids especially need to see how the world works outside of humanity. They can better grasp the concepts of how the world works. They see that the idea of good and bad isn’t clear because everything, regardless of our human classification systems, has a purpose. Kids see the ups and downs, the circle that all life revolves in. They can understand that brutality is the lowest form of humanity because in the natural world it isn’t practiced at the same levels. They realize that animals have a purpose for everything they do, that they depend on the environment, and therefore so do we.

For kids who are bullied, different, sensitive, or gifted, the realization of what the natural world has to offer is especially important. They can make the connections that sometimes are overlooked. After all, the lowest wolf in a pack ALWAYS has a chance at becoming Alpha… it’s just a matter of taking the opportunity.

Nature, in all it’s guts, glory, and goo, is an amazing opportunity for children to connect not only with the natural world, but also with themselves. Adults aren’t immune to this either. You’re never too old to go looking for knowledge...

Take a walk when you can, admire the littlest things, and take awe in the large. Life is too short to live on the couch.

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