Unknown Ducks

Both these photos were taken at the Viera wetaldns in the recent weeks.. The bottom one was aken on July 1, the top on July 16. Both were at the same area. Can Anyone ID this duck (or these ducks) for me?

Is it possible that they are one and the same in fading or eclipse plumage?

there have been other people who have seen it and photographed it as well to cross reference pictures if you are interested.

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing your responses.

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2 thoughts on “Unknown Ducks

  1. a Scaup perhaps (greater or lesser, i do not know)… i too have seen this duck at the wetlands and taken a couple pictures of it. We assume it is a scaup that perhaps was injured or something and couldn't go with his buddies during migration…

  2. I saw one of these guys on the 520 causeway June 17, bathing and preening. I tentatively IDed him as a juv. scaup due to the ring around the bill, the dark bluish bill and leg color, and the paler sides; juv because his plumage is so ratty, his wings seem undeveloped (better seen in my pics), and his head is a bit downy. Of course, he could be a scaup x ? hybrid.

    Rosemary Webb

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