Frustrating Hobbies

Have you ever noticed that you only ever see perfect photos in magazines? Perfect photos on professional photographres websites, and perfect photos on you favorite Flickrere photostreams? (okay maybe not that last one). I do. You never see photos like this. Photos where half the bird is missing, the bird is blurry and the grass is beautiful, a frame with absolutely nothing recognizable in it, or my favorite, the too slow shutter speed mish mash of colors that resembles some poor creature.
The truth is, it takes a lot of photos to get a perfect one. A lot. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or not. You can always pick something out to criticize. The whites are a little off, there’s an annoying tree in the background, where’d that dust spot come from..
It’s a truth. No one is perfect. Some people have better equipment, some people have better skills, only a few people really have talent.. it doesn’t matter what you have as long as you enjoy it.

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