Nature, nature, everywhere

Well, in my recent creative absence I haven’t photographed a whole lot of nature things. I did get a few nice photos over the last few weeks, and as a way of renewing my creativity, I’m forcing myself to post on this blog daily now.

So on to the nature stuff… This humongous, gigantic, totally impressive Corn Snake was crawling on my baby girls windowsill. You can see that she is very large. We tried to move her but, not being of the type who likes to touch snakes that can be aggressive and are very large, she wasn’t willing to go. She moved away for a while, but then came back. Corn snakes eat a variety of things, including birds, mice and rats, and lizards and snakes. All of which are in abundance in these here parts.

These photos were taken right at dusk and with some trepidation.. so don’t judge too harshly. It’s funny how these critters pop up when I least expect it.
Two days prior I pulled a swamp snake out of the pool skimmer, and the day before we had a black racer on the sidewalk…. I’ll be looking for more!

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