I'm a Poser.. and totally ok with it.

osprey I’m a poser, a fake, a phoney.  I am NOT a professional photographer, and I often wonder why I spend so much time trying to pretend to myself that I am.  I wander aimlessly with my camera, taking photos far and wide aof anything and everything, rolling in my successes and crying at my defeats.  I love photography, but it’s not my career.  As a matter of fact I’m not sure it could ever be my career without about 50,000 more dollars worth of equipment.

So I guess I pretend.. I bring the photos home, edit them and post them for the world to see.  I guess it’s okay I’m not a pro, I don’t really claim to be, I just wish I would stop comparing myself to those who are!

On days where I get photos like this one I realize why I do it.  It’s amazing to capture the beauty of something and bring it home.  I don’t really care if I never sell another photo again, I just love the chase.  Finding beauty in the world is worth every amateur cent.

One thought on “I'm a Poser.. and totally ok with it.

  1. Jamie, you’ve just got to start telling yourself you ARE a professional. You create amazing images, don’t knock yourself 🙂 You’re awesome girlfriend!

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