Genuine Cracker Recipes

Recently, I was over at my Grannie’s house and I found this amazing recipe book.  My Granparents came to brevard county in the 1950’s and learned alot about real cracker culture since the area wasn’t very developed yet.  This book is called Brevard County Recipes and Recollections and was published in 1982 by The Brevard Museum Guild.

Browsing the titles I was interested to find traditional recipes like Periwinkle Cream Soup, Madison Swamp Cabbage and Oysters, Turtle stew, Mango bread, Guava Ice-Box Cake, and Papaya Souffle among other things..These recipes are amazing and I think I will begin to make a few and post them here. (Well, not Turtle Soup.. or manatee ribs either..)

Live it up.. !


One thought on “Genuine Cracker Recipes

  1. Hi there —

    I am a native Floridian and I am Co-Directing a documentary, Swamp Cabbage: a dark and sweaty documentary. You can see the trailer at

    I just saw this post and I’m wondering if you know where I can get a copy? I collect Florida cookbooks and this one sounds extra special!

    Thank you so much!


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