The Caracara Site

Lessons from natureSome of you who read this and know me know that I am passionate about Caracara.  The other some of you probably don’t even know what a Caracara is. Despite that inglorious fact, I have a problem.

I built a Caracara website out of my concern that folks were so misinformed or completely uninformed about this beautiful bird.  Now I find that it is a giant moneyhole for me, and I don’t have time to make it into anything more than what it is right now.   So, my problem is, what do I do with it?

I think I have three or four options:

  • Sell it to someone
  • Give it away to someone
  • make it make some money
  • Can the whole idea..

I get hits off of it.. it’s well established in the search ranks.. and while it’s helping people learn about caracara, it’s doing nothing for me but making my wallet thinner than it already is..

Any suggestions?

Here’s the link: The Caracara Site

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