Gotta have faith…

DSC_0088It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that what I have in talent, I lack in confidence.  It’s something that’s hard for me to overcome.  However, I had a sort of epiphany while on vaction in the Great Smokey Mountains.  Incidentally, I now believe the place is filled with magic.  What I realized is that I am one of those people who can really do anything.  I have done some seriously cool stuff in my relatively short life, and all because I decided that I wanted to.  I’ve touched a day old Baird’s Tapier, I’ve touched the Space Shuttle, I have held a caracara.  I have fun stories to tell; my grandkids won’t be bored.  The thing I am most proud of though, is my resolve to get my degree.  I started taking college classes in 1999, got an A.S. in veterinary Technology and then quit for a while. The decision to go back was not an easy one.  I’ve had two more kids since I started and survived my husband being deployed to the middle east, and then having him work constantly.  I even worked during part of it.  I decided it’s what I want, and I’ve nearly done it. I can do anything, I will do more…  it’s just who I am.  🙂

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