Facebookin' it

photopageFairly recently I joined Facebook.  You know, that gigantic, temperamental social networking site.  I started with a personal site and now have a site just for my photography business matters.

Before we get started, you should take a look, so you know what we’re talking about:  Click Here

Mostly, it’s a blog, like this one, but in the short time I’ve had it I’ve reached 50 fans with very little effort.  A great photographer, and online friend of mine named Heather Green told me how, So I thought I’d tell you how to do it too. You know, the whole pay it forward thing.. 😉

1.  You must set up an account with facebook: Click here if you haven’t.

If you plan on only using Facebook for your photography page just set one up under business – and pick your category. If you already have a personal page you can ad a new page to your account by clicking create a page down underneath the login area or clicking on the facebook icon at the bottom of your personal page.

2.  Spend some time looking through the tabs and filling things out.  If you want to add your contact info, be careful what you put in.  Spammers use facebook to send junk to your email.  I suggest making a separate email address for social networking sites.

3. When you create your Facebook site, make sure you include contact information, but NOT personal information.  You want this site to be public, unlike your personal site, where all your friends are, this one is accessible to everyone.

4. Build your site a little bit by making some albums.  You have to use the photos tab to do this.  USE LOW RESOLUTION AND WATERMARKS FOR ALL PHOTOS.  People are more than happy to take them and claim them as thier own.  I use 640 pixel size.

5. Make sure that you use the suggest this page to friends and suggest it to anyone who might be interested.  For people setting this up as strictly business without a private account you will need to tell your friends the URL and have them add on.

6.  Make sure you put new stuff stuff up all the time, tell everyone, put it on your business card if you can, and add a badge to your website..

7.  As you learn more about facebook and social networking you’ll find sites like PING and Twitter very helpful in getting the word out.  I recently read an article by a professional photographer that says he gets 18% of his business from FACEBOOK alone.  Something else that works well is adding your blog to your site. It is possible to set it up so that it updates with every blog addition.

Leave a comment if you have questions!

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