Canaveral Locks- 12-18-2009

I’ve been spending more time at the Canaveral Locks lately. The Viera Wetlands is just so far to drive through holiday traffic, and is sooo subject to holiday traffic that I don’t want to go so badly. The Canaveral Locks have been pretty rewarding with great photos

and new birds, so I keep going!
Here’s the list for Yesterday 12-18-2009

  • Common Loon -1 (life lister for me!)

  • Brown Pelicans in great abundance

  • Wood Storks in great abundance

  • Cormorants in the hundreds

  • White Pelicans (about 60)

  • Great Blue Heron

  • Osprey

  • Pigeon

  • Great Egret

  • Little Blue Heron

  • Snowy Egret

  • Ruddy Turnstone

  • Tri Colored Heron

  • Gulls of various description

  • Forster’s terns

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