Green Turtle at Port Canaveral

Sea Turtle Facilities Need Donations Now

If you haven’t been watching the news, or reading the paper, you might not know that hundreds of sea turtles have been rescued within the last week due to unusually low temperatures. Rescue facilities are currently at capacity and having trouble acquiring funds and equipment for the rehabilitation effort.  According to Judy Anderson, who works at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, biologists and veterinarians think that some turtles may need to be held as long as three months before being released back into warmer waters.  There is an urgent need for kiddie pools, heaters, filtration systems, and donations for medicine and food. With more turtles expected as the temperatures continue to dip, any help is appreciated. Donations can be made to the Florida Aquarium, 701 Channelside Dr., Tampa, Florida, 33602. Please call 813-273-4000 (the aquariums main line) before dropping off large items.

Know other facilities that need donations?  Send them to me via a comment or email


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