Viera Wetlands 01-20-2010

One of those "little" birds...

Viera wasn’t all that great today.  The smell of rotting fish mingled with the smell of water treatment plant and created some rather noxious fumes.

I noticed that even the vultures seem to have tired of dining on the corpses of tilapia.

Enough of your peak into my morbid imagination, here’s the list:

  1. Limpkins 2
  2. Coots
  3. Common Moorhen
  4. Ring Necked Duck
  5. Hooded Mergansers
  6. White Ibis
  7. Glossy Ibis
  8. American Bittern
  9. Palm Warbler
  10. Savannah Warbler
  11. Mottled Duck
  12. Blue Winged Teal
  13. Cormorants
  14. Anhingas
  15. Great Blue Herons (I’ve counted 5 nests in construction)
  16. Little Blue Heron
  17. Green Heron
  18. Black Crowned Night Heron
  19. Wood Stork
  20. Great Egret
  21. Snowy Egret
  22. Cattle Egret
  23. Red Shouldered Hawk (Very dark.. maybe a migratory bird)
  24. Sandhill Cranes
  25. Killdeers (gadzillions of them!)
  26. Common Yellowthroat
  27. Marsh Wren
  28. Boat Tailed grackle
  29. Fish Crow (I was happy to see them back!)

There may be more.. I have to check my list.. I’ll update later..

NO Caracara, Eagle, kestrel, harriers, or vultures to be seen..

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