End of American Exploration

Shuttle Ready for liftoff (C) Jamie Drake

As I mentioned before, I’m very unhappy about the U.S. relegating space exploration to “trips to the space station” and low orbit travels.  Basically, the idea seems to make space a tourist industry rather than a scientific one. While China is building  and innovating, we are sitting on our thumbs watching them do it.  What a great plan.

Meanwhile, here in Florida, we’re building a TRAIN to take people a two hour drive away.  Didn’t we build a train that went farther than this in the 1800’s? Didn’t it cross the United States? Yep, it’s still there by the way.  What happened to railroads? The Japanese perfected them once we gave up. Apparently trains weren’t going to be needed for one or ten reasons. The building of this new Tampa-Orlando train is supposed to employ some people and offset the some 7000 jobs expected to be lost from the space industry. How many jobs exactly? For how long exactly?  A year or two maybe, maybe 1000 jobs.  SEVEN THOUSAND Jobs lost in the space industry.  These jobs belong to engineers, chemists, and rocket scientists.  The best, the brightest, and historically some of the most innovative professionals.  These  job slots will be given to manual laborers.  I’m sure it’s justified.  I justify it as another way to marginalize America.  We can’t all be smart, but we can all work hard for nothing.  Great. Of course, the train and all it’s parts will probably be shipped in from Japan and China.  You know, they are experts at these things.  Buying American is too expensive because we’ve regulated everyone until they can’t make a profit. They don’t do that overseas. Funny, we used to be experts at something too. Can’t remember what now. Oh yeah, trains.

Meanwhile, people are saying privatization is going to be better.  I agree.  It’s better because someone other than the government is going to be rich.  Maybe it will be me.  What I don’t see happening is scientific research.  The incentive isn’t there.

I can’t help but be cynical of a “regime” that puts trillions of dollars into failing corporations that reach beyond our borders, and then proposes a bill to the  American people that says that if they don’t buy government sponsored health insurance, and don’t have other insurance, they could go to jail.  What have we come to?

America was once a place where explorers and rebels camped in uncharted territory.  It was once a place where people lived and died to invent, create, and map out the unknown.  It was a place where the best and brightest came from nothing, because nothing was all we had.  Now, it seems, we’re okay with being mediocre, safe, and full of excuses. When we dream now, we dream of rockstars and starlets, owning expensive stuff, and plastic surgery.  We have to change this.  As Americans it is our duty to carry forth the spirit that created us.  If you don’t like that spirit, move to North Korea.  They don’t like it either.

3 thoughts on “End of American Exploration

  1. I am bummed they are dropping the program. I loved watching shuttles go off and the rockets, too. One of my favorite things about Melbourne.

    As for Melbourne, I fear for how much people will leave the area. Such a shame.

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