Jetty Park 2-7-2010

Jetty Park was COLD.  48 degrees before I went out on the pier.   By the time I got the end I was convinced that snow should be falling.  I stayed a while trying to get some photos, but my fingers were aching and so I went down to the beach, where, it wasn’t much warmer.

Here’s my species list for the day

  1. Northern Gannets (many)
  2. Cormorants
  3. Brown Pelican
  4. Ruddy Turnstone
  5. TriColor Heron
  6. Snowy Egret
  7. Green Sea Turtle
  8. Forster’s Tern
  9. Least tern
  10. Common Tern
  11. Royal Tern
  12. Black Skimmers
  13. Bonaparts Gull
  14. Laughing Gull 9some displaying the full hood already)
  15. Herring Gull
  16. Ring Billed Gull
  17. Sandpipers
  18. Sandwich Tern
  19. Boat Tailed Grackle
  20. Osprey

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