Livin’ Life

My hitchhiking mockingbird

I often judge my life on the experiences I’ve lived.  I like to think that that is the proper way to go about things.  Livin’ life to the fullest.  I’ve done some really awesome, unique things, some not so great things, and even some things I’d rather forget. The point, however, is that I’ve done them.  I’ve lived.  I am living.  I see so many people paralyzed by fear that they can’t embrace life for what it is to me.  It’s a carnival ride.  A mix of the whirlwind and the zipper, moments of being breathless coupled with moments of relief. You can have a great time, but you have to be willing to hand over the tickets. It’s fun, despite the aches and pains.

So today, when I noticed that I had a hitchhiker on my moving truck at the Viera Wetlands, this really hit me.  I am living the life.  In the last week I have three or four crazy experiences to add to the list with the likes of  touching a brand new baby Baird’s Tapir, holding a Caracara, getting stuck out in the middle of nowhere, and breathing on the space shuttle.  Myself and several other folks got run out of an off road area by a cop yelling that I could be arrested for armed trespassing on the same day I rode on a motorcycle with my husband in 40 degree weather.  Today I went out to the Viera Wetlands and had this mockingbird ride on my truck like he thought he was a dog. Then I went out to Moccasin Island and I think I met an arsonist.  It’s only the second or third time in my life I’ve ever called 911.

I sat back on my way home and thought about how strange it is that I’ve done all these crazy things that other people wouldn’t dream of.  While so many people are obsessed with clothes and movie stars I think they are losing moments they could have.  Why watch what others are doing when there is so much they aren’t that you could be?  Why try to be like everyone else, when everyone is looking for someone different?  Why not make a difference where you can? What it comes down to is that I believe we should all experience life, rather than just watch it from a distance. And I don’t mean go out and down every crazy thing haphazardly or that you should do illegal stuff. I’m proud to say trespassing is about all I’ve crossed on that line.  It’s hard for me to release fears like “is something going to break” or “am I going to get hurt”. I really hate getting hurt. Know what your doing, know what your doing is right, and then just go for it.  You’ll be happy you did.

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”

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