Rollout of Space Shuttle Atlantis

My dad works out at the Space Center and got special passes to bring people out to see the roll-out of Space Shuttle Atlantis.  For those of you  not familiar with Space Shuttles and their accessories, this means that the shuttle is placed on a moving pad called the crawler after being assembled in the Vehicle Assembly Building.  The Crawler, which moves very slowly over a special bed of a special aggregate of rocks, moves the shuttle to the launch pad.  The entire side of the VAB opens and the shuttle comes out upright.  Since there are so few missions left, this opportunity is one that will be once in a lifetime for many family members of folks who work out there.  It didn’t rollout last night because of the weather, and hasn’t made it out as of yet.  Tomorrow may be another opportunity for more photos, but in the meantime, here are the ones I took last night.

Atlantis in the Vehicle Assembly Building

People with the passes

Commemerative Water Bottles

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