Refresh and wait for it!

Sometimes in life it seems like we have to take a minute to step back and look at what we are doing with things. This has been a little bit of a process for me lately. I had been so busy, so stressed, so tired, that my plan in my head wasn’t the plan I was living. So I hit refresh. I’m regaining my creativity, working on resetting some goals, and trying hard to actually get done what I start out to do. One of those things is this blog. I’m putting it back on my daily list, and hope that I can keep up.

2 thoughts on “Refresh and wait for it!

  1. I was at Grissolm Wetlands today and saw the signs about the grant. Good luck. You were in 160th place when I looked.

    I am photographer living in Lakeland and get to your park quite often. I too just set up a blog and gallery for my work. I have had a web site for a few years now where there a plenty of your wetland birds on display.

    I see your last post was Sept 5th… So hit refresh… regain creativity, set some goals, get them done, blog…and hope that you can keep up.

    I set a goal of a post every two weeks… I hope I can keep up.


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