My Field Guide Collection

I have quite a few field guides.  I love them, I cherish them, I have weighed, measured, and found them wanting.  I find another one to fill in the gaps, only to find there are an infinite number of gaps which must be filled in.  I thought I would share a few of my favorites here for you.

This book has a little of everything a naturalist could ever want.  Ecosystem information, birds, fish, insects, even where to visit.  I broke the spine the second year I owned it.  It’s priceless.

This book is really nice.  The illustrations are great.  The panels where the birds are illustrated next to each other is especially helpful in determining small differences.  The data could be refined a little further.

This book is excellent for field work! There have been times, however, when I found the illustrations inaccurate or lacking. I use it for Florida though, and we have some unusual variations.

I have books on trees, books on snakes, books on butterflies, even a book on shells and fossils, but these three are my favorites for everyday.

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