The Turnstones Return

Banded Ruddy Turnstone YP0

Winter migration has started in Florida and the birds are trickling in.  I noticed the other day that this one, who I photographed frequently last winter has returned.  I first found him? in December of last year and he hung around all the way until May of this year when he returned to New Jersey. That’s where he was banded in the previous year.  I use to track tagged shorebirds. It’s neat when I can find out where they came from and see the migration patterns as shown with this one.

This data is also priceless for research purposes, since most projects are underfunded and understaffed.  The site is a great example of how casual (and scientific) observations made by everyday people and professionally trained observers can really be excellent tools for scientific study.

On the subject of migration. Badbirdz Radar has been showing some heavy movement and there are more tropical storms expected this month, so if you’re in Florida, keep your eyes peeled; it’s gonna be interesting. Oh, wait, you didn’t know about bird radar?  Here’s another link to quench your thirst for knowledge! Click Here for Clemson University’s Bird Radar program

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