A world full of Cows

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Cattle beautiful cattle.  Often, when I’m out photographing wildlife I see cattle. Sometimes in places you don’t expect really, like West Cocoa, and Merritt Island. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though, ’cause like the ever present and now often dilapidated orange groves, cattle ranching was a big part of Brevard County history.  I can’t help but stopping for a moment and taking some shots of them too.  They are as much a part of America as I am, firmly rooted in the history of colonization of the new world.

The cattle in these pictures are from all over the state.  Some are Brahmas, brahma crosses, Angus crosses, Charlolies, and even Cracker cattle.  Something about them I love, something rooted deep in my heart and when I find the opportunity to photograph them I go for it.  Enjoy!

PS- This weekend (Today, Ocotober 1st and tommorow) is the Florida Ranch Rodeo Finals and The Cowboy Heritage Festival in Kissimmee.  I hope to go, maybe I’ll see you there!

2 thoughts on “A world full of Cows

    • I think most people don’t realize that Florida is STILL known for it’s cattle. I think we are now the third largest producer in the country, we used to be second not to long ago. Plus, the Deseret ranch here in central Florida is the largest cow-calf producer in the United States. Florida can also boast the first Cowboys, who we all fondly call cowcatchers and Crackers.. 😉 Thanks for the comment!

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