Volkstoberfest – Wickham Park

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For a short time today my family and I visited Volkstoberfest, a car show featuring, what else, but Volkswagen vehicles.  Every shape, every size, some prize winners, and some far in the distant future prize winners were present.  Everyone showed up to show off what they had regardless of what stage of work they were in.

Among some of the stranger versions of VW‘s were a vehicle with a Lobster attached to its roof,  a Thing, and something that more closely resembled a Lamborghini.  There were camper vans, regular vans, vans painted like the Mystery Mobile from Scooby Doo, and one painted with the famous quote from John Lennon “Life happens when you are busy making other plans.” What do you think they were implying there?

Surprisingly enough, even though Volkswagons are German cars, and I’ve never seen anything other than an Eastern European looking person in their mostly succinct but sometimes amusing commercials, a large number of Spanish speaking folks were present.  Did I miss something?  I guess so.  It’s pretty amazing that a brand that even my eleven year old daughter identifies as “Hippy” has really stretched the limits, attracting all types of people who use them for all types of things.  Enjoy the photos!

PS- I found some links on YouTube from the Festival!


Message Boards with Info, Pictures and such

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