My neighbors think I’m Nuts

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My neighbors, they think I’m nuts.  I’m pretty O.K. with this considering that where I live, “nuts” is a relative term.  I mean seriously, am I nuttier than the dude who wears speedos to do yardwork or maybe the people with the plastic flamingos?  I don’t know.  I Don’t really care either, guess I just kind of fit in somehow.

The reason that they are probably committed to this  crazy assumption revolves around my frequent front yard ramblings with my freakishly large (to them anyways) lens.  I’ve been known to inch the door open and take pictures out the crack, or to wander around near my mailbox staring somewhat aimlessly into the Cypress Tree.  I’ve stalked around the side of the house, and I’ve run down the street holding my camera before.  What probably really has them convinced is that I LAY DOWN to take some of my photos, and sometimes, they can’t see what I’m taking a photo of.  I flatten out on the ground and come back up with leaves, branches, and whatever else stuck to me.  I look like I’m hunting right there in the front yard.   I guess they are right; I am crazy.  Oh well, I’ve gotten some pretty neat photos out of my insanity.  Those shown here are just what I have on my computer, there are many more, many much clearer pictures on my external hard drives, I just don’t have time to dig them all up tonight.


3 thoughts on “My neighbors think I’m Nuts

  1. You are NOT nuts. You are a photographer! EVERY good photographer, whether wildlife or high life, will do things that seem “nutty” to other people. Frankly, they are the nutty ones. When you are taking pictures concern yourself more about getting the shot and staying safe, especially here in Florida, than what those nutty people are thinking about you. Every ounce of energy you waste worrying about how other people think of you when you are “in the zone” shooting are wasted energy that you could of used to get a better shot or the intuition you will use “feeling” the exact moment to trigger the camera to capture the most spectacular shot.

    When you are getting ready or on a date THEN you can worry about what others think. Be yourself while getting and perfecting your photography skills. Lay on the ground, jump in the air, hang from a limb, crawl through the mud, peek through the door, carry a 9 foot lens on wheels, anything, to get the shot that you set or is about to set up for you. Don’t be just a photographer, be a GREAT one!

  2. I have to laugh at your post. I thought I was the only one who thought that. I was standing in the middle of the road one night in front of my house trying to take a picture of a night heron walking along the street. The guy trying to drive me had to have thought I was nuts. I didn’t want him to scare the bird.

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