Air Force Appreciation Week – It begins.

Right Over my House

This week is Air Force Appreciation week in only two locations; Cocoa Beach and New York. I was sitting here at my computer facebooking when I heard that familiar fighter jet sound.  They put on a good practice session over my house for about 30 minutes.  I expect I’ll be hearing lots of this over the next week since there are air shows and demonstrations all week long.

It’s interesting that Patrick Air Force Base was chosen as a location this year.  This show is a prelude to one of the final shuttle missions set for November second.

Here is the link to some of the planned festivities!

Air Force Week- Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach Air Show

One thought on “Air Force Appreciation Week – It begins.

  1. You can also check out the link for the Cocoa Beach Air Show occurring concurrently with Appreciation week

    The Shuttle Launch should happen November 1st barring delays.

    Big week for Cocoa Beach! Stay out of traffic if you can, it’s gonna be horrendous!

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