Roadsters Rock the Island

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This morning I took on a pretty cool photography challenge.  I photographed the Roadsters at the “Roadsters Rock the Island” show sponsored by the F L A Roadsters Club. This show is for pre-1935 open top or drop tops. One of the other interesting things about this show is that a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Central Brevard Humane Society.

Now admittedly, I am not all that knowledgeable about cars.  I can probably tell you a little more than most women my age, but I have no clue about what kind of pipes make something special or whether some part actually belongs on a vehicle or not. However, I do like to look at them and I can tell you that I will never mistake a Gremlin for a Cuda.

Here are some of the photos I took while the cars were all parked at Grills at Port Canaveral and as they made their way out of the parking lot to cruise Merritt Island‘s beautiful Tropical Trail.

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