Contemplations, originally uploaded by JamieDrakePhotos.

I feel a little bit like I’ve lost my touch for wildlife photography. Maybe It’s like other things, where you get to a point where if you can’t progress you just feel like you are moving backwards. It seems everything is far away, or out of focus, or my camera and I aren’t working together… Have you ever had these moments?

I think that’s why I’ve been doing more “other” photography lately, but my heart still wants to be out there. Capturing those magic moments when a beautiful creature makes eye contact, or decides it’s hungry, or angry, or covets it’s neighbors life. I really want to, but then again, maybe I just want to experience it without the camera for a while. Like I used to.

Either way, I hope you hang on following my blog as I try out other things. I’m bound to get back to the nature stuff sometime. Maybe this December will bring some ducks and a longer, faster lens.

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