Moose Lodge Open Car Show – Merritt Island, Fl

Moose Lodge 2073 Open Car Show, Merritt Island, Florida.  Taken on November 13, 2010.

Nice Show folks! Me and my little girls (there in the photos somewhere there) had a good time walking around looking at things.  The bigger one LOVED the pink car.  Loved it. That’s why there are a bunch of photos of it. Not that it isn’t a nice car, but really the one car I wanted photos of I missed, ’cause we were busy with this one!

Anyways.  There were lots of cars, of all types and sizes, and lots of people, including half a soccer team, bikers, some dudes getting their drink on at noon, and a great DJ. Also, one rather grumpy woman who scowled at me every chance she got.

We loved all the cars, well when I say we, I mean the kids.  I loved almost all of them, but I seriously could go without seeing another AMC Gremlin, ever.  Who’s idea was that design?

So here I sit, trying to write more, but I find I’m out of words.  Enjoy the photos, leave a few comments, and come back and see me here at Swamped, ok?

I’m not affiliated with the Moose Lodge, but click here for a link to their photos and information.

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