Florida Cracker Movie

This morning I got on Facebook, and was greeted by my friend Heather’s video post, the Florida Cracker Movie preview.  Being a native Floridian, and a lover of all things history and culture, especially about Florida, I watched it.  Amazing stuff it looks like.  Even though I was born here in a beach town, near the space shuttle, I always felt that my roots are out there in the swamps, palmettos, and prairies.  My Pappaw inundated me with stories about my Uncle Jack bringing Charlois Cattle to the beach here, and about the stories of his and Grannies horse trading adventures.  I always wanted to be apart of it.  Now that I’m older, my chances of owning a big ranch in Florida are about nill, but I’m looking other places.  No matter where I go, I’ll always be a Cracker girl, loving the saw palmettos, and palm prairies that Florida ranchlands are so famous for.

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