Florida Water Snake


Florida Water Snake, originally uploaded by JamieDrakePhotos.

As posted on my flickr page:

Florida Water Snake

Is there a difference between a Florida Water Snake and a Banded Water Snake? One book says yes, another source says they are the same. This is most likely a Florida Water Snake based on my reading. During certain times of the year they are easily found along the banks and reeds of the Viera Wetlands and Click Ponds. They are not poisonous, and are not likely to strike, but anything with teeth can bite, so be warned!

Postnote: According to “Florida’s Snakes” by R.D. Bartlett and Patricia Bartlett there is a difference between the Banded Water Snake Nerodia fasciata fasciata and the Florida Water Snake Nerodia fasciata pictiventris. From the description the difference is mainly reduced to color variation, mostly on the white pigmented ventral areas.

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