To Infinity and Beyond!

So now you’ve seen part of the V.A.B., the Ares, two shuttles on the launchpad, and one shuttle on rollout.  I leave you with these final photos to conclude space week here on Swamped.  Thanks for making it my best week ever, and to quote the best ever astronaut cartoon character Buzz Lightyear, “To Infinity and Beyond!”

Let’s hope the future of manned spaceflight is a bright one, and that one day we’ll be sitting around talking about space shuttles with our kids who vacation on the moon.

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That’s it for today folks.  I might dig through the computer files and find a few more over the weekend.  I have photos of shuttles launching, of the VAB with a shuttle inside it, me standing next to the shuttle, I think I have one of the landing… who knows.

Please feel free to share my articles and photos, but give me credit. This is all my personal photography and writing, unless otherwise noted, and is covered under U.S. Copyright Laws.

PS- Sorry about the don’t steal thing in the corners.  I prepared these photos some time ago right after, guess what, I found that someone had stolen a photo, and used it in a newspaper.

One thought on “To Infinity and Beyond!

  1. I’m fascinated by your cows, too. Wrote a little story about our drought in May or maybe it was April, “It’s Dry in Texas.” I know what you mean about giving credit…found my cows drinking out of the front pond on the first page of Google images. This sticky web just sticks our images everywhere.

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