Pieces of the past…

I’m pretty sure I was born a history buff.  I remember very vividly hanging at Granny and Pappaw’s house soaking in the stories of old Kentucky and 1950’s Florida.  I didn’t just listen though, I cherished them.   When I was old enough to have history class, it was my favorite, and I paid particular attention to spending a lot of time on research projects.  In college, I took extra classes.  Humanities, American History, Government, all fun for me.  I spend time at home watching shows about guess what… history.  As a matter of fact I’m not really sure why I didn’t become a history major, except that I couldn’t see a future for me in a museum. In a strange way, I think my love of history led me to a love for nature.  I often write about nature evoking the feeling of being an explorer, and I’ve been places where I’ve felt it.  I think the two subjects are so intertwined for me, that really, the difference is negligible.

So, I guess, a natural progression of all this historical interest has been to collect it, learn about it, and now, I’m even selling it.  I’ve become a picker. My Pappaw would be be so proud.  I’m not just one of those I found something cool, how much can I make for it pickers though.  I always want to know more.  I understand this sentiment that I’m preserving America’s past in a way.  I’m touching stuff my ancestors touched, feeling the connection.  It’s pretty cool that I get to share it with whoever wants it.  I’ve got photos, postcards, stamps, pottery, old brochures and books.  Who knows what I’ll find next!

I’m on EBAY at JDrake80, in case you’re interested. 

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