Just a week in the life..

So these last couple of weeks have brought on some interesting, aggravating, and just sad stuff.   I’ve made some pretty big adjustments in my personal life (nothing bad, just different) and I’ve lost something that was where I found solace in my crazy existance.

Let’s start with an overview of the last week or two at work.  In a nutshell, we’ve seen lots of really ill patients, and several with heartworms, a completely preventable disease.  We’ve been treating these heartworm patients and it’s hard to watch the effects of the treatment, which is in it’s basest form, simply arsenic.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it, then I remember the long agonizing death that occurs from cardiac failure and I can say yes, it is worth it.  We have had a few cancer patients, including one who we were able to say had Mast Cell Carcinoma before it left the clinic.

On to other things; my camera, my beloved nikon d80 with the 70-300mm VR lens was stolen.  It’s gone.  And It’s gonna cost me $500 bucks to get my insurance to replace it.  I’m working on a plan to raise some money for this purpose, but it’s sketchy at best right now.  In a shameless plug for myself here, I would love it if you’d buy some prints of my photos.  I have lots to choose from, and I have some on a site ready for purchase.  Click Here

In better news, I have been doing stellar on my Ebay sales.  I sell antiques and vintage items, check out the links through my facebook page.

I’ve also managed to take some pretty cool photos through the microscope with my cell phone.  Here’s a few veterinary interest ones for your viewing pleasure.

I’m gonna try to post a few things here and there about our most interesting cases.  Thanks for reading!

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