Bulow Ruins Plantation State Park, Florida


This is a shot from the trail to the cistern JamieDrake©

This is a shot from the trail to the cistern

Recently, I had a bit of wanderlust and found myself looking for a new, and inexpensive place to go.  I found Bulow Plantation Ruins State Park, located in Flagler Beach, south of St. Augustine.  I thought it would be an interesting place to explore, and to find some unique photographic inspiration.

I found what I was looking for, and brought home some different types of images than I usually manage to compose.  The ruins are beautiful, and the story is one that is very much like other stories around Florida.  The sugar plantation was thriving, and due to a disregard for native people they found themselves burnt out.  The ruins have stayed the same since the days of the Seminole Wars.  On one wall there is the flag stone which holds a date memory of 1831.  Hard to believe that this structure is just shy of 200 years old and still bears the burn marks in the coquina walls.  I imagine that when it caught fire it burnt extremely hot and fast.  I can’t imagine the surrounding area didn’t catch fire as well.

I found the trail to the cistern to be a little haunting and took a lot of pleasure in exploring that area.  My biggest regret of this trip is that I didn’t take more photos.  I would like to revisit on a day when the light was beautiful and explore photographing from different angles.

Here is a gallery of my favorite photos from the day.

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