Loons, for the daily double please!

doubleloon A few mornings ago, even before the owling incident, I went out to do some photography.  On my way, while I was driving over the Pineda Causeway (that’s the 404 for you folks not from here) I noticed two large birds, floating.  I quickly was able to distinguish that they were NOT cormorants. The biggest give away being the white splash on the water.  I pulled over, hoping that I would be able to get down to the water and be able to photograph the pair of them.  CommonLoonNEF

I got out and down to the water’s edge, and much to my surprise, they kept swimming on in, closer, and closer.  One finally took off the other direction, but another one, he swam right up into the shallows, so close my 400mm lens was unable to focus.  I might mention I just received this lens the night before. I’m fumbling around trying to figure out how to adjust the lens and in the process, I got some decent pics… enjoy!

These are Common Loons, Gaviia immer, and they are in winter plumage. Probably on vacation from the cold north. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Loons, for the daily double please!

  1. For several days this week I saw a pair of what looked like loons in the Lagoon near Riverside Park in Sebastian. I’m a newby from New England and I had no idea they came this far South. Is this common?

    • Yes, they are pretty common throughout Brevard County and into Indian River County. They become more umcommon in South Florida. Some years we have many and others only a few. 🙂

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