Artistic Nature Photography. What do you think?

I consider myself and artist rather than a photographer.  Maybe an appropriate title is a Photographic Artist.  I love color photos, I really do, but I often find myself bored looking at the same image in different poses.  Let’s just use the example of a Great Blue Heron.

Bad Hair DayJamie Drake©

Bad Hair Day
Jamie Drake©

A color photo of a Great Blue Heron has been taken in possibly every pose and action possible. I’ve seen then eating, posing, fishing, hunting, dead, mating, injured, on a nest, on a dock… you get the picture.  A Great Blue Heron photo, in the end is just a Great Blue Heron photo. Unless you are an afficianado of Herodia ardea you probably will get bored looking at them too.  Furthermore, how many of you have Great Blue Heron Photos hanging on your walls?  I wager, not many.  So what if we make it into art?  Add a few treatments, vigenettes, words…. it’s no longer just a photo of a great blue heron, it’s now art.

I’ve been experimenting more and more with texturing and other changes to my photos.  Here are a few examples of color next to the changed images… What do you think about these?  What works and what doesn’t?


5 thoughts on “Artistic Nature Photography. What do you think?

    • I personally love the textured owl photo as well, it will look beautiful printed on metallic paper. However, many people I’ve showed these to preferred the color version based on the fact that they have never seen an owl. If I were to pick two from this group, the owl and the bulow trail are the two I think work the best.

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