Photographing Dogs, and other pets…

Who's There

Who’s There

Some blog titles just say it all.  This post is about photographing dogs, and other pets. As you might have found out, I am a Veterinary Technician.  I love animals, and have a special fondness for dogs, and horses.  I want to be more creative at photographing them, so I’ve perused the web for inspiration.  Along the way I’ve found these wonderful articles and photographers and thought I would share them with you:

Pet Photographers of America


and my favorite Cowbelly Pet Photography (she has an awesome name too 🙂  )
Pet Photography 101: Seven Habits of the successful pet photographer (New York Institute of Photography)
Pet Photography: Seven Surefire hits for capturing a dog’s personality (MCP Actions)
and, because many people love their cats as much, or 17 times more, than their dogs 10 Top Cat Photographers

Because this is my blog, here’s a few of my favorite pet photos that I’ve taken.  As you can see, I think I’ve got the portrait thing down but I really need to be more creative. Got any great tips for me?  Please do tell, my comments are empty!

Woof! (that’s dog for adios, which is Spanish for Goodbye, which in English slang is See-you-later) – Jamie

PS:  I couldn’t get the text on this post to line up right with the photo; Can You help?? I need to add more space somehow between the photo and words, or should I have just made it a paragraph?

One thought on “Photographing Dogs, and other pets…

  1. jamie,
    beautiful,love them. here some of the churches have a blessing of the animals and they have a photographer come and once the animals been blessed they photographer takes photos of the owner/pet. its pretty big here, they can have calendars made and give to family etc. or Christmas cards… You can come up with some cute captions to go with the expression of the animal. Ex. like the doberman dog, caption like, Don’t breathe.
    you are very talented.
    take care and glad to see it. aunt deb/uncle ralph 🙂

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