Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival 2013

image The Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival of 2013 far exceeded my expectations this year! Unlike other years when I have gone I felt much more comfortable walking the displays and talking to folks this year.  There wasn’t as much clutter, the organization of where to register was much better, and overall I found it to be a pleasant experience.

I only wandered through the vendors and found some really wonderful stuff.  I asked a lot of questions, saw a few acquaintances and bought a  Puffin Pad, which might warrant a review on the blog at a later date.

My favorite vendor by far was an art booth by FocusFrog.  The artists of these fine art photographs were so enthusiastic and wonderfully nice, explaining the whole process of creating these amazing 3-D – ish Hummingbird Photos like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

As far as the other folks I visited include pretty much every one there such as the ABA (American Birding Association), St. John’s Preservation, Florida Museum of Natural History,

imageSpace Coast Audubon Society, and many others.  There were many eco-tour companies, artists, and conservation groups.  The Raptor Project is a always a hit, although I have my reservations about putting birds on display in unnatural settings for such a long period of time.  There were vendors selling books, binoculars, cameras, scopes, and just about any other necessity needed for birding and wildlife enthusiasts.  Outside there was an art show and food.

I didn’t take my camera in so all these photos are taken with my cell phone.

Did You go to the festival?  What was your favorite booth?  How about the tours and lectures?  I would have loved to do some this year, but my wallet has other plans.

Well, that’s it for today, I’m out to go find something new to blog about.  Oh yeah, I still owe some photos of the Gannet I rescued.  Maybe that’s my next post.

See ya– Jamie








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