North American River Otters

DSC_01341Occasionally, when I’m out photographing I find otters.  I love otters. Everyone loves otters.  They look really, really, cute and friendly.  Hard to remember that these little water dogs (weasels actually) have teeth that crack oysters and could easily bite through your arm! Well now, that was warm and cuddly huh?  Nevermind that train of thought.

Otters, are one of the most entertaining critters to watch if you can see them.  They do all kinds of things, most of which involve staying away from my camera if I’m around.

All of these three photos were taken at the Viera Wetlands in Melbourne, Florida.  There is a pretty constant stream of otters and otter families located throughout.  Otters can also easily be found around Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, and anywhere along the shores of the Indian River Lagoon system.

These are North American River Otters, the only kind we have.  They aren’t endangered in Florida, but are protected in several states.

DSC_0154 DSC_0136Otters

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