A day of oddity and miracle


18 year old Russian Blue F(S) with a nasal growth

Today started off fairly normal.  Well, not really, but things have been weirder (more weird, whatever…).  I came to work expecting a wild day, and I guess that expectation was brought to life in the strangest of ways.

The morning was busy, the surgeries took a lot of time and effort, and my rooms were all kind of drawn out in conversations, one more unique than the others.  Then, somehow I made it through to lunch.  Glorious Lunch! (other vet techs understand this I’m sure…)  I came back in, and the fun begins.

My first room was a geriatric dog, who has serious bouts of seizure activity.  We made it through that fairly unscathed.  Then, a cat, who just needed some vaccines.  THEN, I got JC, pictured over here.  JC is a female Russian Blue Kitty who has made it through 18 years of life.  She has some serious issues, like wildly uncontrollable hyperthyroidism, and dilated pupils, and now, a nostril full of growth leading her to have sneezing fits!  It was interesting, but not nearly as much as the room next door.

Apparently, we were in Kitty Oddity Hour.  I hear my fellow tech say very enthusiastically (well, more baffled really) that his room has a cat with a REALLY swollen face, with a lot of emphasis.  I think he’s probably talking about a tooth abscess or something, and because I love the weird stuff I had to take a peek.  THIS is what I found.

Rodent Ulcer: SEVERE Eosinophilic Complex

Rodent Ulcer: SEVERE Eosinophilic Complex

Our little kitty friend here, has a GIANT Rodent Ulcer, Eosinophilic Granulation Complex.  This problem is not well understood in Veterinary Medicine. It is believed to be related to allergens, but there are many complicated issues related to trying to treat it. I’ve heard people say it isn’t painful, but I find that difficult to believe.

There was another cat in the room exhibiting severe dermatologic symptoms, I didn’t have time to get a good photo of that.

Miracle Dachshund!

Miracle Dachshund!

Finally, I’ve saved this story for last.  It happened before lunch,an amazing story of a very strong little dachshund.  He drowned. His owners believe he was under water and lifeless for about 4 minutes of his 15 year old life.  Lucky, is his name, and he owned it that day, because his owners, both medical professionals, knew to save him.  They got him out, gave him chest compressions and mouth to snout breathing and monitored him for pneumonia and edema.  Today, this little dog is still kicking, with very little impact from this nearly tragic moment.  It touched my heart and made my day to hear such a wonderful act of caring, and to see it have such a great result.  If Lucky’s owners are reading this I’d like to say thanks, for letting me photograph him and share his story!

Lucky here, wasn’t real keen on the photo taking, but you can see, he’s alive and kicking! Feisty old man. 🙂

In honor of his story Here’s a clip about PET CPR

PET CPR – YouTube

And written directions here: AAHA Healthy Pet CPR

Thanks for reading my blog today, hope you enjoyed my stories! Comments are wonderful…. _Jamie

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