Northern Parula and a quick update

NorthernParulaI was out at Sam’s House at Pine Island and found this beautiful little Northern Parula.  I will be writing a whole blog post about Sam’s House in the upcoming week, but I thought I’d post this lovely little bird in the meantime.

I’ve also taken trips through the Viera Wetlands, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, and as usual, been out at Jetty Park at the Port.  I’ve got my eye on photographing the Ospreys at four nests in my neighborhood, and I’m looking for my local owls (they are on a small island near where I live.) Look for those blog posts this week too!  I have a full week of work, so expect a veterinary post coming soon.

I’m updating my blog, looking for a new format, with a little more flexibility, and I now have my own domain name which will bring you here.

In the next month you will be able to go directly to my Smugmug site ( from this website to purchase photos seen here.  Also, I can (and prefer to) order any print directly in any format.

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