Sam’s House at Pine Island Conservation Area Revisited

Sam's House @ Pine Island

Sam’s House @ Pine Island

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about Sam’s House at Pine Island. This site is located in Merritt Island, Brevard County, Florida. It’s in close proximity to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, located off of SR 3, and Port Canaveral the other direction. At the time I wrote that blog post, this local history and nature attraction wasn’t even really open to the public. Since then this site has evolved into a wonderful place for learning, bird-watching and relaxation.  It is owned and managed by Brevard County‘s EELS Program and is actually part of the Pine Island Site.

The houses are the actual houses of John Sams and his descendents.  The layers of tar sealant are obvious on the smaller log cabin, the large white house retains much of it’s original structure but has been updated and made more suitable for modern living.

There is a beautiful summer kitchen with a large porch, I’m not sure if they rent it out for events or not, but it seems that it could be a wonderful place for a small gathering.  There are real, and clean, bathrooms; always a plus.  This place is very kid and differently-abled friendly.

There are now exhibits and trails which weren’t present until recently.  Outside you’ll find a path leading to the mound, which is an ancient First People’s site.  It has been explored, but only in small areas.  The area of Pine Island, and where the houses are located is a site of ancient inhabitation both human and prehistoric itself.  You’ll learn more about that at the exhibits.

There are a few small trails right now.  One is a short walk to the Eagle’s nest, where I found myself surrounded by warblers and songbirds! In the few minutes I had while exploring with a four year old, we found many species of birds easy to spot in the open areas that resembled Maritime Hammock.  There is a paved trail with exhibits.  Really great displays with easy to read and understand interpretation of different time periods and techniques for surviving them.

There is another trail, I did not take it, but intend to in the coming weeks.  It’s supposedly a little more challenging as it may go through wet areas and dense brush.

They have a lot of events planned out here, and I’m excited to see that people are interested in learning about history and culture through hands on work and demonstration.  For more information: Sam’s House at Pine Island Conservation Area.

If you are going to be in the area, do stop by, even if it’s just to picnic under the old oaks- there are some nice tables.  It’s free, it’s historic, and it’s beautiful.

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