White Pelicans at the Click Ponds

DSC_8139Sunday evening the Click Ponds at the Viera Wetlands were full of White Pelicans, blue winged teal, less yellowlegs, and black necked stilts.  Also present in large numbers were common terns, diving from every angle, scaup, and mottled ducks.  Although I’ve seen plenty of White Pelicans I rarely see them in diffuse evening light and found myself enamored with how the soft light reflected off their orange and white coloration. In observing and photographing them I noticed also the little personalizations they have. Some are young with less color, some are older with bills that have the notorious “beak bump” at various stages of growth.  I wonder if these might serve like antlers, indicating age and breeding status?

Enjoy the photos…



2 thoughts on “White Pelicans at the Click Ponds

  1. I had the treat of observing white pelicans on the Rio Grande in New Mexico during the fall and winter months, watching their feeding ballet as they swam together in a close group, diving in unison to feed. It appears they “herd” schools of fish towards the shore or some obstacle, and catch them as they turn away. Your photos are exceptionally bright and colorful…
    I believe the beak bump is actually a breeding season phenomenon, grown just for the occasion, and then disappearing afterwards.

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